French, Calpe Miniatures

F26 Four voltigeurs in march-attack poses 510.00руб.
F27 Four grenadiers in march-attack poses 510.00руб.
F28 Six centre company figures in march-attack 760.00руб.
F31 Six centre company figures in march-attack poses 760.00руб.
F34 Four centre company figures with heads turned 510.00руб.
F35 Four centre company figures 510.00руб.
F37 Four centre company figures in enthusiastic poses 510.00руб.
F40 Regimental command, uncovered shakos 770.00руб.
F45 Pack of three eagles 220.00руб.
FA1 M1808 6pdr. French cannon 610.00руб.
FA2 M1808 24pdr. Howitzer 610.00руб.
FA3 M1808 12 pdr. cannon 610.00руб.
FA4 M1808 12pdr. carriage 610.00руб.
FA5 M1808 10pdr. Howitzer 610.00руб.
F44 Foot officers in bicorns 510.00руб.
F43 Foot officers in covered shakos 510.00руб.
F42 Foot officers in uncovered shakos 510.00руб.
F41 Regimental command with covered shakos 770.00руб.
F46 Battalion command in uncovered shakos 770.00руб.
F47 Battalion command in covered shakos 770.00руб.
F49 3 Battalion standard spear points post-1812 reforms 220.00руб.
F48 3 Battalion standard spear points pre-1812 reforms 220.00руб.
F50 Four mounted Chefs de Battalion in bicorns 1,100.00руб.
F51 A proper tete pack 1 1,100.00руб.