Новости Avatars of War

 Ну вот и дождались первого пластикового отряда от Аватаров.

Слэйеры в предзаказе.


The box contains five trooper sprues and one command sprue, allowing to assemble a 20 figures regiment: 17 troopers, a musician, a standard bearer and a champion.

Each troopers sprue contains:

-4 bodies
-4 legs
-1 two handed weapon
-6 one handed weapons
-4 heads
-5 hairstyles
-1 dwarven beer mug
-4 dwarven ancestor icons
-4 body piercings
-4 left arms
-4 right arms
-2 nose to ear chains
-1 baby dragon skull;

The command sprue contains:

-2 dragon head statues
-1 dwarven berserker statue
-1 dwarven book
-1 hair comb
-1 champion's dragon cloak
-1 champion's axe
-1 champion's hairstyle
-1 banner pole
-1 severed giant head
-1 severed orc head