PC1 Mounted General, Staff Officer (horse startled), ADC & Feldjaeger Officer 1,240.00руб.
PC2 Dismounted General, Staff Officer & ADC w/ Mounted Feldjaeger NCO  1,240.00руб.
PC3 Mounted General, Staff Officer & ADC w/ Dismounted Feldjaeger Officer 1,240.00руб.
PC4 Mounted General, Staff Officer, ADC & Feldjaeger Officer Charging 1,240.00руб.
PC5 Mounted General, general staff officer, trumpeter & ADC 1,240.00руб.
PC6 Commander of the Reserve Artillery and ADC 620.00руб.
PC7 Two galloping feldjaegers 620.00руб.
PC8 Chief of Staff, assistant, junior staff officer, Feldjager and general’s ADC 1,550.00руб.
PC9 Prussian High Command (Tauentzien, Bulow, Yorke and Kleist) 1,240.00руб.