BfK Limited Edition Figures

Артикул: BfK Limited Edition Figures
Цена: 600.00руб.


  • Набор состоит из 4-х металлических фигур, выполненных специально для проекта Мартина Келли Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Питером Фитцжеральдом (Calpe miniatures). Масштаб 28 мм.
  • Figure 1: a bare-headed solider of the artillery train taking a drink and holding his shako in his other hand.
  • Figure 2: a second soldier of the artillery train, this time wearing a covered shako, smoking a pipe and carrying an item of equipment – probably something like a horsewhip, a coil of rope or a trailspike.
  • Figure 3: a foot artillery drummer wearing the Bardin Imperial livery and standing with a foot resting on behind his drum on the ground in front of him. He may be doing something interesting like pointing into the distance with his drumsticks.
  • Figure 4: a “Marie-Louise” infantryman wearing a greatcoat and pokalem. This casually posed figure will be based on a fusilier shown in Knotel Band XII, Plate 24.
  • NEW ADDITION: A camp fire with a “marmite” on the boil over it.